IBEW Labour Action

  • Labour action heightens emotions for all those involved. It is important to keep a level head, know your rights and be respectful.
  • We encourage you to support our IBEW members that we work so closely with by voicing your concerns to your MLA outside of working hours using your own personal communication devices.
  • Under the Manitoba Labour Relations Act you do NOT have to do work of other bargaining units (IBEW), however, if your work is dependent upon IBEW workers, Manitoba Hydro can send you home on leave without pay.
  • Under the Manitoba Labour Relations Act a person does not have to cross a picket line if they fear for their safety. – They do have to contact their Picket Captain and find alternatives ways to work.
  • You are required to attend training unless you are unfit to do so. In that case contact your manager.
  • AMHSSE is working on a service level agreement that clearly defines what work you can and cannot do, while ensuring no AMHSSE member is negatively affected and still respecting our IBEW colleagues
  • AMHSSE’s position on performing limited IBEW work is driven primarily by safety. Our priority will be to make situations safe for our customers and staff. It will not be to carry on business as usual.
  • If you want to show your support for your IBEW colleagues, you can participate on the picket line during your own time. If you plan on taking time off, clear it with your supervisor first.
  • Let your Unit Chairs know of any problems or concerns you encounter related to this work disruption.

AMHSSE Negotiations

We have entered into negotiations with both Manitoba Hydro and Efficiency Manitoba. We have exchanged proposals, setup the bargaining structure and timelines and are continuing to negotiate.

ClaimSecure problems

  • There have been a number of issues with ClaimSecure that the Corporation is working through – theses are growing pains when moving to a new administer.
  • Make sure your co-benefit plan status is up to date, some accounts incorrectly showed two insurance plans instead of one.
  • If you feel you have been unjustly rejected on a claim, follow up with Corporate Benefit Advisor.
  • Experience has shown using the ClaimSecure App, and the Photoclaim feature is more successful and faster than email.
  • Keep track of your overspending on your Health Spending Account for next years submission.
  • Claim Secure is compensated on the number of paid claims and only administers the plan. Manitoba Hydro pays all the costs associated with this benefit.

MHI Repatriation

  • There are not a lot of details yet on how employees will be repatriated to Manitoba Hydro
  • EFTs will come over to Manitoba Hydro with their work.
  • Secondments will continue until their work is completed with employment guaranteed afterwards
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    Feb 14, 2019
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